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‘He Ceased listening… and became Unkind’: Lukashenko Recalled by former campaign Director

Alexander Feduta, who worked on Lukashenko’s campaign course, says that the magic happened when he addressed a crowd of approximately 4,000 individuals in the Gomel scene.

“He spoke for three and a half an hour, ” Feduta told Euronews, “When he removed his coat after the address, he had been wet through, but it had been just like a miracle since people began to move towards him. They stretched their arms out to touch him. Some gave him their passport as well as 100 dollar notes to signal.

Feduta says Lukashenko has been the”most gifted populist” in these early days. A guy who listened to the public also called for security following the collapse of the Soviet Union.

Intense poverty dominated Belarus in 1994, also privatization threatened the jobs of many employees within the huge state enterprises, clarifies Veduta. Lukashenko promised, “to penalize people who stole their tasks.”

“I’m neither with leftists nor the rightists. But with all the people against people who snore and fool them,” Lukashenko especially told The New York Times in his very first election season.

‘He ceased listening’
“He didn’t have a very clear policy,” states Veduta. “Rather, he listened to what people wanted and embraced his effort program to match it. He was a fantastic listener, but once he had been elected, he began to grab power and ceased listening. He can’t comprehend why folks do not love him anymore. He believes that people want the same thing they wanted back in 1994. He can’t know that things change.”

Also, he didn’t know liberty, Feduta states since Lukashenko believed that individuals had a good deal of liberty below the former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev, but that didn’t assist the poverty scenario.

“According to Lukashenko, individuals had work, a salary, and also the understanding the government will protect them. While people’s view changed, his understanding didn’t,” states Veduta.

Lukashenko has stayed in power since his success in 1994, however, the notion that he’s a guy who listens to people’s wants is currently much less widely held.

Exit Feduta…
Following Lukashenko’s triumph in 1994, Feduta became the leader of the section of political and public advice of the Presidential Administration of Belarus. This led to scandals and he left shortly after. Feduta switched peaks to the resistance after discovering Lukashenko’s “increasingly authoritarian, consolidating power .”

Looking back, he says that he could see a few signals that Lukashenko would turn out how he did, however, it was not entirely obvious. 1 specific aspect Feduta recalls is the way Lukashenko was fearful of items that he didn’t know.

“He never knew that the West and was fearful of it. He believed that everybody needed somebody accountable for He couldn’t know who the most important man in the West was” States Feduta, “As an instance, he didn’t know why the US had to speak to smaller nations in NATO. Plus it was just like that with that which, if he didn’t know something, he had been fearful of it”

“The Lukashenko which we can see today was in him. Something that we believed was power seemed to be cruelty,” states Veduta.

By Veduta,” Lukashenko’ doesn’t know what love is.’

“He can not know that when a lady doesn’t love you anymore, you’ll need to break up with her,” states Feduta, “He can not envision like thing, and that’s the reason why that I’m scared of how he’ll reply to the continuing events in Belarus. He replies with cruelty.”

Fedora seems to be figurative here and doesn’t elucidate on any specific connection, but recounts that Lukashenko enjoyed the assistance of British PR genius Timothy Bell, afterward Lord Bell, to assist with his public image. It was about this time that the Belarusian president started taking his son with him public responsibilities.

“I spoke to one of the guards, maybe not working there anymore. He explained it was about the help of this English PR man, so people may observe that the president can love someone. But it became evident that to demonstrate he adore it might not have been necessary to carry him on overseas trips,” Feduta recalls.

It was a country visit to President Islam Karimov and that he was greeted upon his arrival with a stunning show of young girls dance in traditional clothing.

“At one stage, the town mayor came up and asked me whether he could inform Lukashenko to permit the operation to stop since the girls were freezing. I passed along to our President who remained sitting for a further 15 minutes. Much as the young girls were freezing in front of him remained. As we left, I could see folks instantly covering the girls with hot clothes.”