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‘Health Isn’t a cost, it Is an investment’, MEP says as Euronews speaks to MEP Awards 2020 winners

Members of the European Parliament gathered nearly on Tuesday evening to honor the most notable work of the hemicycle peers.

Bulgarian MEP, Eva Maydell, that hosted the event, informed Euronews it had been great to understand the job of her colleagues.

“It was a fantastic experience because after all, you recognized coworkers who have done some remarkable jobs within the last year and it provides you great pride. It gave a much better comprehension of a number of your coworkers you don’t sit at the very same committees with and you also do not work together. It was an incredibly enriching and intriguing experience for me,” Maydell clarified.

“Health is not a price, but it is a payoff”
One of the winners of this night had been Sara Cerdas, a Portuguese MEP in the S&D Group, that had been granted the Health award.

“it is a fantastic honor for me to be only nominated for these awards with such significant colleagues. It is rather astonishing, somewhat remarkable, I got this recognition from the very first year of my political action,” Cerdas informed Euronews.

“This is a sign I and my staff are working on the perfect path,” she added.

As a result of her academic and professional heritage, Cerdas was included in health coverage before the outbreak of this coronavirus pandemic.

“Right now, my loved one’s members and friends understand what it is like to become a public health medical doctor.”

“This isn’t only an award for me and my group, this can be for everyone who’s been operating since the start of the legislature to possess health in the schedule and work to get a fitter European Union.”

Cerdas regrets the reductions that EU leaders left to the first proposal of this milestone EU4Health program through the summer discussions, but she is convinced she and her coworkers will make the most of the $5bn bundles that were finally earmarked.

“Since the start, I have been stating that health isn’t a price, it is an investment. For every euro that’s spent, we now have a 14 return”

Next year, Cerdas will pay particular attention to vaccine availability and will campaign for stronger actions against coronavirus misinformation. Besides COVID-19, the MEP will keep working towards health promotion and disease prevention in addition to health literacy to assist Europeans to engage in healthy lifestyle choices.

“Covid has revealed we can make Huge changes in a Brief-time period”
Virkkunen is fulfilled with all the”hard work” that she and her coworkers have done during this season to generate energy an integral part of the EU Green Deal.

She admits to being especially pleased with her activities to encourage businesses to innovate and invest.

“We need to concentrate on what’s going to occur before 2050,” she informs Euronews, in regards to the long-term aim of making Europe the very first carbon-neutral continent.

Asked about the huge differences between the Member States when it comes to the creation of renewable energy, Virkkunen concedes the differences exist but additionally cautioned that every nation ought to have the ability to pick their energy combination.

“It does not need to be renewable, but it needs to be sterile,” she states. “We could not survive without nuclear energy.”

According to the pandemic, Virkkunen thinks that the health crisis has forced policy-makers to speak more about”energy conservation and dependence” and has shown how human beings may”create huge changes in our behaviors in a brief period”, which may help citizens realize an energy transition is achievable.

“Let us make sure we do not depart the rest of the planet to China”
“The award makes me along with my group stronger so it is useful”, Van Brempt informed Euronews in a meeting. “It was a really hard year for each of us, not only individuals in politics. All of a sudden you’ve got to begin negotiating distantly.

Van Brempt, however, is appearing in 2021 with”a great deal of confidence” and will concentrate her parliamentary job on creating trade more sustainable and rules-based. She is thankful the USA has voted to get a”regular president” (Joe Biden) and thinks it is important that Europe” reconnects very strongly” with its Atlantic spouse to cope with all the challenges posed by China. As a fervent believer in commerce, Van Brent recommends more geopolitical ventures. “Let’s be sure we do not leave the remainder of the planet to China.”

Considering the Mercosur agreement, which the EU attained in 2019 with many Latin American nations, but has since struck an impasse and gained considerably negative media, Van Brent believes 2021 could”become the year of Mercosur”.

But this may also count on the negotiation capacities of the European Commission and also the capability of the Mercosur countries, specifically of Brazil, to”turnaround their climate policy and also arrive by the Paris Agreement.”

“Let us prove to the people which we may construct a trading system that’s sustainable,” she states. “There is a whole lot at stake and a great deal of work for us to perform.”