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Henry Cavill to Reunite since Superman, but only in a cameo for the Time Being

Agents for studio Warner Bros and Cavill couldn’t be reached for comment on Wednesday, reported Variety.

All three movies were directed by Zack Snyder.

The growth about Cavill’s yield comes days after Snyder declared the long-rumored Snyder Cut of Justice League to get HBO Max. However, according to an insider, the celebrity wouldn’t be gearing up to the director’s cut. It might, in actuality, be a cameo in one of DC’s forthcoming films, including Black Adam, Aquaman two, The Suicide Squad, and The Batman.

From the December 2019 cover story with Men’s Health magazine, Cavill stated that he had”not given up about the function”. “The cape is from the cupboard. It is still mine,” he disclosed. “I am not only going to sit quietly in the darkened since all this stuff is happening. There is a lot I must provide for Superman yet. A whole lot of storytelling to perform. A whole lot of actual, authentic depths into the honesty of this personality that I wish to get into,” he added.

The actor made his flowing introduction with the 2019 Netflix dream drama The Witcher.