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High Blood Pressure – Always Bad or Not

Is high blood pressure or hypertension giving you a constant tension? Are you worried about the possible risk of stroke or kidney disorder associated with the high blood pressure? Well, here we have some news for you that may give you some relief.

Off late research in this domain challenges the assumption that high blood pressure is always bad.

What calls for high blood pressure? As per the widely accepted scale, if your blood pressure shows consistent readings of 140/90 mm Hg, or higher, for a number of days, then your blood pressure is high. If one of the two numbers is higher than normal, it may also be a sign of high blood pressure.

In order to avoid the blood pressure reaching the hypertension, doctors generally advice their patients to keep a note of their blood pressure regularly.  This is to keep oneself aware of the bodily happenings to be able to save from the risk of stroke or other associated damages.

However, a recent study conducted in Berlin, Germany at Charité – Universitätsmedizin shows that high blood pressure may not badly affect all old people and they may not really face health issues.

How does the study provide relief?

Based on the data of Charité research project, researchers put together data about the participants’ health status. There were total 1628 participants in the research (both men and women) of age 70 or more. Considering all their factors like lifestyle habits, sex, body mass index (BMI) and the number of drugs each person took for hypertension, research continued for 6 years. 

The results were obtained after the statistical analysis conducted to know the how blood pressure affect person’s mortality risk. It showed that people with blood pressure of 140/90 mm Hg or less had a 40 percent higher mortality risk than counterparts with blood pressure exceeding those thresholds. This relationship was found similar for the people who had a stroke or heart attack present in the past.

The research also highlights that people with blood pressure lower than 140/90 mm Hg had a 61 percent higher risk of death than those whose blood pressure remained high in spite of their antihypertensive drug treatment.

“Our results show clearly that, within these groups of patients, antihypertensive treatment should be adjusted based on the needs of the individual. We should move away from the blanket approach of applying the recommendations of professional associations to all groups of patient.” first study author Dr. Antonios Douros.

The study does provide some bit of relief.  Now you may not over burden yourself with that constant fear. 

Nevertheless, you still be focussed on your overall lifestyle factors as they play substantial role for each person. Be cautious of all the factors that can cause high blood pressure to avert the risks associated.

Possible causes of high blood pressure

  • Excessive intake of salt
  • Less intake of fruits and vegetables
  • Too much consumption of alcohol
  • Being overweight
  • Being less active

It is also worth noting that factors like age, ethnic origin and family history also play an important role in putting you at risk of high blood pressure.

Health is the most wonderful asset if kept in good shape and the most troublesome liability if not maintained properly in time. So do not play with your body. Keep yourself healthy to enjoy a hearty life.