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Hong Kong Guy becomes patient reinfected with COVID-19, say Investigators

A guy in Hong Kong who recuperated from COVID-19 had been reinfected with the virus four-and-a-half a year later from the first recorded example of another disease, researchers at the University of Hong Kong said on Monday.

The findings indicate the disease can infect several occasions despite herd resistance.

According to the researchers, genetic research demonstrated that these two consecutive infections of the same individual were caused by two distinct strains of this SARS-CoV-2 virus, responsible for COVID-19.

The 33-year-old guy was initially diagnosed with COVID-19 in late March but tested positive while being analyzed after he returned to Hong Kong from Spain through Britain on August 15.

However, he had been discovered to be infected with another coronavirus strain the next time was asymptomatic.

Both viral signatures were believed to be”entirely different”, and hauled to various coronavirus lineages, or clades.

The very first closely resembled strains gathered in March and April, along with the next breed matched the virus discovered in Europe — in which the individual had only been seeing — in July and August.

“Our study demonstrates that resistance for COVID disease isn’t lifelong — in actuality, reinfection can occur very quickly,” explained Kelvin Kai-Wang To, a microbiologist at Hong Kong University’s Faculty of Medicine and lead author of a forthcoming study which details the findings.

“COVID-19 patients shouldn’t presume as soon as they recover they won’t become infected,” he told AFP.

Also, said those who’ve overcome the virus still ought to clinic social distancing, wear masks, and practice hand washing.

Experts have voiced different views about how alerted men and women ought to be in the brand new findings, which is printed in the peer-reviewed medical journal Clinical Infectious Diseases.

“It indicates that preceding infections aren’t protective. Additionally, it increases the chance that vaccinations might not supply the expectation that we’ve been waiting.”

If antibodies do not offer lasting security, “we need to revert into a plan of viral near-elimination to come back to normal life”, he explained.

However, others say the new instance is very likely to be uncommon.

“This is a really rare instance of re-infection also it ought not to negate the worldwide drive to come up with COVID-19 vaccines”

The virus has killed over 800,000 people worldwide and there’s been an uptick of new ailments after several nations lifted lockdown measures.