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Hong Kong lawmaker’s ear Partly Peeled off during Demonstration

A Hong Kong lawmaker partly dropped his ear following a guy seemed to bite off it through an anti-government demonstration Sunday in a shopping mall, police confirmed.

A Hong Kong police spokesperson told NBC News that the assault on Democratic Party member and district councilor Andrew Chiu happened around 7:30 p.m. from the Tai Koo district.

The defendant, who wasn’t identified, was taken in custody, authorities said.

Another lawmaker, James To, told colleagues that the guy slashed two individuals before assaulting Chiu. In a statement, Hong Kong authorities said five people were shot in the mall into a hospital, in which two were in a critical state.

In the picture video of this episode, several individuals can be observed attempting to control a guy when he breaks loose and laps in Chiu.

To informed reporters afterward that somebody discovered Chiu’s ear, even though it was not clear if it might be reconnected.

Chiu was attempting to prevent a fight once the guy attacked him additional.

Protesters started gathering Saturday day in districts around Hong Kong, police said.

Hong Kong was to return to China in 1997 under an arrangement that enabled the area to keep its liberty for 50 decades.

The bill was scrapped, although demonstrators have stayed on the roads, rallying for democratic reforms and against police misconduct, among other requirements.

The protests have occasionally turned violent. An officer has been stabbed in the throat, and many protesters are injured.