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Hong Kong protesters Work with arrows, Arrows and Gas bombs against police

I Pro-democracy campaigners fired used gas bombs, arrows as well as catapults against authorities since the struggle for electricity at Hong Kong moved into a university campus at the Chinese territory’s central Kowloon district.

The Hong Kong Polytechnic is the final of five universities to maintain the hands of their activists also it’s used as a foundation from which to obstruct the Cross-Harbour tunnel.

Dozens of Chinese troops, dressed in black stripes and olive T-shirts, conducted out in loose formation and picked up paving stone, stones and other barriers that had littered the road.

The army is permitted to maintain public order, but merely at the request of the Hong Kong government. The authorities said that it hadn’t asked the army’s help, describing it as a voluntary public action.

Months of protest from the former British colony have witnessed campaigners struggle with the government over allegations that Beijing is trying to decrease its freedom.

Protesters have attempted to turn the college campuses to armed forces, resorting to medieval-style weapons such as bows and arrows, catapults and gas bombs to prevent authorities from entering the grounds.

Protesters said they want the weapons to protect the campuses out of police using tear gas

Authorities said the weapon struck a press liaison officer, that had been taken to a hospital. Pictures on the section’s Facebook page reveal the arrow sticking from the rear of the officer’s lower elevation.

Education officials declared classes from nursery to secondary school could be suspended on Monday due to security concerns.