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Hong Kong students hunker down to showdown amid Discussion of curfew

It deleted the tweet shortly afterward with no excuse.

Countless pupils hunkered down within many campuses, surrounded by heaps of bricks, food, gas bombs, arrows with heads wrapped in cladding, catapults and other homemade weapons.

Protesters have torched vehicles and buildings, hurled petrol bombs at police stations and trains, dropped debris from bridges to visitors beneath, and vandalized shopping malls and campuses, increasing concerns regarding how and when over five weeks of unrest could be brought to a finish.

“I’m not ready to shoot the arrows unless there is no other hotel,” pupil Cheung, 18, told Reuters. “I’m also new in figuring out how to use arrows. I believe arrows can not hit on them (police) but in the event, the authorities fire live rounds, we’ll die.”

Authorities said one arrow had been fired out of Hong Kong Polytechnic University early in the afternoon.

“Such an action could be deadly,” they said in a statement. “When more officers came to their help, rioters still threw flower pots from peaks, endangering public security.”

The Global Times’ shortlived statement cited unnamed sources. It didn’t elaborate, however, but online rumors have swirled along those lines.

Hundreds of protesters inhabited streets in the Central business district, home to a number of the world’s priciest property, during their lunch hour.

Hundreds of protesters also put up barricades near a popular shopping mall in the southern part of Hong Kong island, pulling traffic beams and orange gates to block streets.

Around the street, black-clad protesters and college students claimed their blockades of major streets, including the entry to the Cross-Harbour Tunnel that connects Hong Kong island into the Kowloon region, and a street between Kowloon and the rural New Territories.

Police fired tear gas close to the tube early on Thursday to attempt to clean the protesters.

Dozens of riot police assembled out many universities early in the afternoon as pupils fortified their ranks with alloy sticks, bricks, and seats.

In the Polytechnic University, close to the Kowloon entry of the Cross Harbour tunnel, countless pupils wearing gas masks readied for confrontation.

Boxes of gas bombs were set at vantage points overlooking streets, for example, tunnel, that was blocked because Wednesday evening.

Pupils also poured liters of cooking oil throughout the floor to thwart authorities should they attempt to enter.

Violence has escalated in recent times, with police shooting and wounding one protester at close selection and a single man called a”rioter” dousing a guy with gas before setting him on fire.

The guy who was taken was in stable condition at the hospital. The guy who had been lit on fire suffered burns to his chest and head, and has been in critical illness.


Anger climbed about what many view as police brutality since the protests intensified.

China denies interfering and contains blamed Western nations, such as Britain and the USA, for stirring up trouble. Police refuse using excess force.

Authorities said on Wednesday violence had reached a”very dangerous and deadly amount” On Tuesday they said Hong Kong was on the”verge of complete breakdown”.

There was no additional information about their harms.

Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam met senior officers on Wednesday, the press reported, amid speculation of fresh emergency measures to manage the crisis.

“Within the last five decades we’ve learned concerning the philosophy of peaceful protests,” stated an in-state student at Polytechnic University, that gave just the first initial of his name, C, speaking to the 79 times of pro-democracy sit-ins at 2014.

“We’ve noticed that peaceful protests don’t work with a government that won’t obey its people,” he added.

The town’s Education Bureau declared on Thursday that schools are closed down throughout the week because of security concerns, which generally only occurs during typhoons.

Several universities also declared there would be no courses on campuses for the remainder of the year, although many shopping malls shut on Thursday.