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Hossein Dehghani: If Iran create an immediate plea for sanctions relief?

Against the background of overwhelming global calls for the easing of sanctions that have blocked Iran’s humanitarian commerce, a few US officials have promised that Iran never requested for sanctions relief.

By this, they likely indicate a direct plea to the US authorities to get the relief. Or, is it an issue of the US government’s policy within the wider maximum pressure effort?

To put the context straight, my arguments are along these lines: first and foremost, as a matter of principle, Iran doesn’t recognize the unilateral sanctions of the USA and deems these unilateral coercive steps prohibited and a breach of global law.

Consequently, Iran doesn’t adopt a line of action, the inherent logic behind which it doesn’t recognize as legitimate. Additionally, it seems the utmost pressure effort set a maximum expectation for your Trump government also. The Secretary of State’s remarks to the effect that Iran needed to hear the United States, “should they need [ed] their folks to consume” is a crude reminder of this anticipation. Additionally, President Trump’s adamant insistence that Iran telephone them is as telling an instance of the mentality.

Last but not the least, COVID-19 isn’t a national problem; it isn’t restricted to a particular geography, region, country, culture and so forth. It’s produced a special moment of international solidarity. The United Nations Secretary-General has known for an international truce in most corners of the planet and high heeled officials of the United Nations have made pleas warning against the ruinous effect of these sanctions on the health systems of those states which were contested by COVID-19, to mention but a couple of The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights has cautioned against the collapse of the health system in nations which were stricken by the virus and also, therefore, are the goal of sanctions. Also, the UN Special Rapporteur about the negative effects of Unilateral Coercive Measures,” urged the global community to take immediate steps to raise, or suspend, until our shared threat is removed.” She predicted upon sanctioning nations to immediately withdraw all of the steps that erect barriers to trade” including those that prevent funding buying medication, medical equipment, food along with other essential products”

In summary, Iran’s strong certainty regarding the illegality of this sanctions, the worldwide rejection of the unilateral coercive measures as against international law and as an instrument in furtherance of a third nation’s foreign policy agenda at the cost of others’ sovereignty, along with the global outcry over the humanitarian effect of sanctions on Iran’s continuing struggle against the virus, begs this question: has the deluge of global needs that U.S. sanctions be raised fallen on deaf ears just so they might hear it straight in Iran? Or, can it be due to the true tendency among several of the best US officials to create Iran buckle beneath the mounting pressure that’s at play?