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‘Host a Hero’: Assisting health workers keep their families safe

Health employees are facing tough choices. Working on the frontlines of this coronavirus pandemic sets them in danger, in addition to their nearest and dearest.

Marta is a nurse at Lisbon treating patients using COVID-19. She knows she’s at a greater chance of becoming contaminated, and to protect her nearest and dearest, she is living under another roof for a couple of weeks.

“It is very critical for people to have another place to sleep, also to get a shower aside from the one our household uses. We wish to protect them as far as you can,” Marta clarifies.

She discovered a new place to stay thanks to “Host a Hero”, an internet platform made by a Portuguese communications service which places owners of vacant houses connected with health workers needing a temporary new home.

“We’ve got a group that’s just working within this undertaking and it will continue because the struggle will last for long weeks,” says Miguel Moura, by

“it’s quite critical for all of us to be very fast. When a health employee requests a house it’s since there’s a need, thus we will need to act quickly to get a match, place them together and assist them as far as we could.”

“I spend my days, like lots of other employees across the globe, focused on combating this COVID-19 pandemic. But during the night time my nervousness is connected to the chance of infecting my loved ones,” clarifies Raquel, a physician at Alcabideche Health Center, in Portugal.