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How are conspiracy theories amplified on the internet?

In an era of Twitter and TikTok, conspiracy theories have now won a brand new lease of life over societal networking platforms.

1 baseless conspiracy, which has gone worldwide, attracted an undercover connection between expensive closets of this furniture firm Wayfair along with the individual trafficking of missing people from the USA.

Ireland, the UK, and Turkey are among the top five nations looking for the term”Wayfair” and evaluation proves thaat the expression has accumulated over 4.5 million connections on Instagram.

The claim was debunked throughout the press, but it is still one of the most hunted conspiracy theories of 2020 thus far.

So, why has this eccentric conspiracy theory gone viral, and so are social networking algorithms to attribute?

A unique variant of #TheCube on conspiracy theories attempts to answer why we discuss them and the way they make it into our timelines.