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How are European companies adapting to the coronavirus pandemic?

The company Planet staff is mobilized to assist you to understand the way marketers are dealing with the coronavirus outbreak.

Since the start of the catastrophe, many entrepreneurs have had to completely cease their actions. Others have been in a position to respond and alter their creation.

This is how it is for a French firm that normally weaves cloth for women’s clothes but began making textile face masks instantly. You can see an interview with a few of the company’s owners at the movie.

The European Union is bringing in a raft of measures to make sure a coordinated reaction to this COVID-19 outbreak.

EU adopted decisions on harmonized criteria which enables manufacturers to put on the industry high performing apparatus to shield patients, healthcare professionals, and taxpayers generally.
The link to critical devices like health masks, surgical drapes, gowns and suits, washer-disinfectors, sterilization.
Once employed, the usage of those criteria enables producers of medical devices along with other worried financial operators, to obey the health and security needs of the EU laws, taking into consideration the most modernized technical options.
All these standards, once declared in the Official Journal of the European Union, grant conformity of apparatus with the essentials of both Directives on medical devices.