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How do artificial intelligence help to fight climate change? We answer your queries

Climate change is the world’s largest challenge and Artificial Intelligence (AI) can offer the proper tools in the worldwide fight.

There’s still a lot we do not understand about planet Earth, and innovative machine learning and AI can provide a’ssilver bullet’ to help us unravel the mysteries of our air, oceans, and cryosphere.

AI will wind up crucial for scientists in forecasting extreme weather, inducing them to intense rainfalls, hurricanes, and other occasions as the planet warm. AI is also being designed to monitor where air pollution is coming from.

Within this live conversation, you are going to meet AI experts who are utilizing the energy of artificial intelligence and machine learning how to show the secrets of the weather and climate systems.

Guests are sea modeling specialist Rachel Furner from Cambridge University and the British Antarctic Survey, AI guru Peter Dueben in the European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts, and entrepreneur Iggy Bassi from Servest, a business which helps authorities keep hospitals, factories, and power stations safe in a fast-changing climate.

AI means computer programs that”can feel their surroundings, think, understand, and behave in response to what they feel and their programmed goals,” based on a 2018 World Economic Forum report.

AI is now of fantastic interest to technology giants, that are raising their carbon-neutral pledges and are also heavily investing in AI.

it’s to get Earth’ program dedicated $50 million (over 41 million euros) to make and test new programs for AI.