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How George Floyd’s Departure has reignited racism Anger in France

For Assa Traoré the parallels between her brother’s death and of George Floyd are apparent.

“They had exactly the very same words”I can not breathe. I can not breathe. I can not breathe,” she maintained.

“They had been set in chokeholds, Adama took the burden of three policemen on him George Floyd took the burden of three policemen on him,” she explained.

Adama Traoré died in police custody in Persian, France, four decades back. Traoré’s household has claimed police officers tackled him into the floor which he died due to suffocation.

The reason behind Adama Traoré’s departure hasn’t been determined – other autopsies have resisted the concept of asphyxia.

On Tuesday, Assa talked as 20,000 people assembled out Paris’ courthouse in a forbidden protest against police violence.

The gathering was banned on health grounds, but the crowds came.

The huge majority were calm, but since the sunset clashes broke out as demonstrators burnt bins and police fired tear gas.