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How to Improve Your Skin Simple ways to attain healthy glowing skin

We all want to have skin younger and glowing like ever. But factors like ageing, climatic conditions, dust/pollution etc. steal away the charm of skin making it dull and aged. Furthermore age related issues of skin like wrinkles, brown spots, sagging skin, and expression lines all give a different appearance to skin. Practically, some of the factors are uncontrollable but at the same time, most of the factors are preventable. 

So, what is the solution? We believe the solution lies in control. Taking care in time can definitely help you have a healthy-looking skin lending an enigmatic look.

In this article, we will focus on the simple methods that can help you improve your skin .Here’s a quick guide on simple steps that can help you control your skin related issues.

  1.  Water is the biggest remedy

Water is a great source of detoxification. There is ample work suggesting the benefit of this natural drink. Flushing the toxins out of your skin, it helps to push out bacteria, cleansing your skin and reducing the risk of acne.

Further, the more you keep yourself hydrated, better skin you achieve. This is because skin takes most of its moisture from body. So, if one is drinking plenty of water, the skin care moisture and other products will also be able to yield effective results. Alternatively using them on dehydrated dry skin will lead to no good.

Drink at least 2-3 litres of water a day to help skin perform at its best.

  1. Be careful when under the sun

While small amount of vitamin D is healthy, excess of it can damage too. Since sunrays when reach us have UV rays mixed in them and its prolonged exposure can prove harmful. It can result in sunburn. When UV rays enter our skin skills, it hampers the delicate process that can affect skin growth as well as appearance.

Wear sunglasses and also use sunscreen with zinc or titanium dioxide to minimize the UV penetration.

Wear protective clothing covering your arms and legs.

  1. Eat Healthy Food

Antioxidants are naturally occurring substances that provide protection against the effects of free radicals on the cells of body organs including skin. Few foods rich with antioxidants are nuts and seeds, grapes and berries, pomegranates, spinach and seafood. 

Vitamin C is another important nutrient for skin. It lends brightness to the skin. It also helps in lightening pigmentation and stimulates collagen. Some of the food sources for vitamin C that can be opted are blueberries, strawberries, blackcurrants, broccoli, guava, sweet potato and oranges.

Avocados, broccoli, tomatoes, walnuts, sweet potatoes, sunflower seeds are a few items rich in fatty acids which help in building healthy cell membranes. 

  1. Good Sleep

Skin repairs and recovers itself mostly when you are asleep. A good sleep can ensure good skin. This is because when you are tired, your body produces stress hormone cortisol. An increased level of this hormone results in increased stress and inflammation which can damage your skin’s quality.  

Sleeping in itself is a powerful activity. It produces growth hormones which are necessary for radiant skin. It also allows your muscles to relax making immobile for a period of sleep time which offers skin deepest recovery of the night.

A good eight hours sleep is a big help to your skin.

  1. Avoid stress for the sake of your skin

Though not yet confirmed, but researches doubt that with the increase in stress, there is increase in the quantity of sebum, an oily substance that block pores leading to increased acne on your skin.  So if you feel that stress has an impact on your skin too, try calming down yourself. Follow techniques like yoga, meditation.

  1. Use natural skin care products

Don’t rush in buying your skin care stuff as it also plays an important role in defining the texture of your skin. Often the products are loaded with chemicals making them unfit for you. So do read the ingredients to make sure they are safe.

  1. Control the in-house pollution

Indoor pollution is as damaging as the outdoor is. To minimize the impact on your skin as well as other organs, keep few plants in your house and also on your office desk.

One cannot reverse ageing, but skin’s ageing can be upturned to an extent. Follow the above mentioned simple steps and see the change.