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Howdy,Modi!’ : PM Narendra Modi- Donald Trump joint speech in Houston underscores growing strategic Importance of US-India ties: Foreign networking

The joint appearance of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and US President Donald Trump earlier an influential audience of 50,000 Indian Americans in an event here underscores the growing strategic importance of the association between the two biggest democracies of the world, a leading American daily said on Sunday.

“The combined look also underscores the growing strategic importance of US-India ties. The world’s two biggest democracies are a critical test on China’s ambitions to control the Asia-Pacific area, as Mr Trump recognises and Barack Obama failed too,” The Wall Street Journal stated in an op-ed, hours after both leaders’ historic speech in the energy capital of the world.

Describing it as a”scene in Houston”, ” The Wall Street Journal stated Trump is expecting to pick up a more significant share of the growing voters’ bloc at 2020 than he did in 2016. Trump knows the advantage of associating with Indian Americans, whose gifts are critical to the prosperity of the countries in the 21st century,” it included.

The New York Times explained the rally came two leaders using similar fashions.

Both presented voters with a vision to earn their respective nations”great again”, and have fanned worries along spiritual, social and economic fault lines, it reported.

At precisely the same time, The New York Times said getting votes out of Indian Americans may not be simple for Trump, despite Modi by his side. Indian Americans overwhelmingly vote to the Democratic party candidates,” it mentioned.

“The overseas strategy of calming tensions with the United States by minding President Trump’s self was put into vibrant impact here Sunday when Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi lathered praise his American counterpart in a huge rally celebrating the Indian diaspora,” it stated.