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HP Chromebook x360 Inspection: A premium ChromeOS Adventure

HP launched its favorite x360 edition of Chromebook before this summer.

HP competes with gamers such as Asus and Acer who additionally offer Chromebooks with superior features. We have been using the HP Chromebook x360 and here is what we believe about doing it.

Starting with this layout, HP Chromebook x360 is slick and slender at only 16mm. The notebook can also be light to carry around but you’d require a suitable backpack for this. The screen has thin bezels however, the thick butt bezel is somewhat off-putting.

The 360-degree performance isn’t just enjoyable but very convenient also. The notebook easily and easily flips to tablet-style whenever required. The computer keyboard is a significant plus point of this HP Chromebook x360. The keyboard homes big keys that allow it to be comfortable to type on and there is also a feature softness into the typing experience that isn’t necessarily bad.

The screen is a 14-inch Complete HD panel on both models. The notebook’s screen is great with hot colors. The touchscreen is 1 feature I liked during my use of this Chromebook. You can conveniently change from the touchpad to touchscreen when you feel like. The touchscreen is quite responsive and I did not confront any stutters while utilizing it.

HP Chromebook x360 comes with Bang and Olufsen double speakers. Most manufacturers do not become notebook speakers but also the HP Chromebook x360 has some excellent speakers. It is great enough for private use like streaming and listening to audio. You will not go searching for an outside speaker using this Chromebook.

ChromeOS is lightweight as long battery life is clear however, the HP Chromebook x360 was rather remarkable even on standby mode.

ChromeOS is smooth and fast to the HP x360. I utilized the Chromebook mainly for what it is supposed to be utilized for. It is fantastic for machine authors and also, it functions as a fantastic alternate for articles streaming from your telephone and TV. You may sit with it for extended and keep your online-offline function and binge viewing as well.

But do not expect any hardcore gambling on the Chromebook. Even games such as PUBG Mobile which lately arrived on Chromebooks do not work correctly on it. The Chromebook is suited to casual gaming.


HP Chromebook x360 is ideal for a superior adventure on a Chromebook. The unit is light, slender, fast and operates on juice. If you are not swayed from the semi-automatic, touchscreen form variable you may opt for a less expensive HP Chromebook 14 that commences at Rs 23,990 in India.