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Huawei CEO:”US companies will Endure the most”

Last updated on October 28, 2019

The business now enjoys global achievement. Euronews met with him in the organization’s headquarters in Shenzhen since the provider faces extreme scrutiny.

Huawei was on a US trade blacklist since May, amid suspicions that its gear can be employed to re – and queries regarding its ties with the Chinese authorities.

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What I wish to understand is the way you developed a business in China, when really at the same stage the Chinese country, the authorities, actually did not like you, did they, they desired to shut you down, did not they?”

We’ve been misunderstood as a philosophical firm, which wasn’t in accord with socialism. However, these misunderstandings started to evaporate over ten decades back, as we paid a growing amount of taxation to the authorities.”

“We pay a total of 20 billion US dollars of taxation to authorities around the world each year, the majority of that goes to the Chinese authorities.”

You have the US management accusing Huawei of potentially using its technologies to spy on other nations.”

We hardly had some earnings in the united states, and US cyber and information security doesn’t have anything to do with us. It’s a simple fact that the US networks and data aren’t safe although no Huawei technologies are present in them.”

“If we had been involved in any safety problems, the US could have employed them as proof in the EU. We have not done anything, nor will we will need to. History has demonstrated that we have not done anything”

Damon Embling: “You are saying that Huawei hasn’t spied, never to spy, and hasn’t been asked to spy?”


Damon Embling: “What could you say to those critics who say Huawei meddles from the Chinese authorities, it is spying, it is not a business we ought to trust?”

The truth will determine whether these critics are correct.”

Damon Embling: “The US allegations, they are profoundly detrimental for you, are not they?”

Zhengfei Ren, Founder & CEO, Huawei: “I do not believe the US allegations have affected or hurt us much. In reality, the lobbying of numerous politicians across the planet has had a positive effect on Huawei. Seeing such a strong country attack Huawei, clients in several nations take that as an indication of Huawei’s strength”

“There will not be any fiscal risks. In reality, our growth will not be bad. Some clients opt not to purchase from Huawei. That is understandable. But additionally, many clients continue to purchase from us”

Damon Embling, Euronews: “How are you attempted to participate with the US government about it?”

“But finally, it is going to be US businesses that suffer most. If US companies lose several sections of markets. This isn’t in their very best interest.”

“When the US gives up on globalization, then it might give Europe a massive opportunity.”

5G technology
Damon Embling, Euronews: “As you look to the future, obviously 5G is a significant part of your company… Can it be game-changer in your opinion, 5G? How is it likely to change our own lives?”

“I will provide you a somewhat abstract illustration to show you exactly what type of worth 5G can bring to our lives. An Airbus A320 has signifying wires that consider about 17 tons. When wireless networks, instead of wires were used to link a variety of kinds of gear in the plane, the plane would be much lighter and require much less fuel. Moreover, flight requirements could be improved. That would create an enormous price.”

Damon Embling, Euronews: “The European Union recently released a report about cybersecurity and 5G and also this report concluded that there might be raised vulnerability to attacks due to 5G and they had been stating strikes may come from non-EU countries and state-backed activities… How insecure is 5G?”

You might get in an accident if you drive too quickly. But if you push a vehicle responsibly, it may take you to several amazing areas. It is the same for 5G.”

“Huawei is attempting to reassure Europeans by complying with the EU’s cybersecurity administration regulations, the General Data Protection Legislation ( GDPR), and other EU regulations and laws.”

Damon Embling, Euronews: “what type of relationship would you wish to have with the European Union together with 5G along with other potential electronic technologies?”

“Secondly, we’ll also invest in and encourage the increase of European SMEs, and give advice where we could. This type of collaboration will result in shared achievement for everybody. To compare a technician ecosystem into the land, we plan to offer fertile soil in Europe, then European businesses can plant crops inside.”

Damon Embling, Euronews: “Among the large political earthquakes in the European Union continues to be Brexit… Can you stress as a huge telecom firm that it may affect you”

Zhengfei Ren, Founder & CEO, Huawei: “I do not think Brexit will impact Huawei whatsoever, it is the people that impact us. Everybody needs telecom providers and if there are not many changes in the people, then Brexit will not have a direct effect on us. We just have to accommodate this situation and do what we do nicely.”

From a company standpoint, how stressing is the instability in Hong Kong to your business enterprise and for this area, do you believe?”

“In my view, demonstrators must use words to express their views, which can be a significant facet of capitalist democracy. No nation on earth could ever support vandalism”

Damon Embling, Euronews: “You are 75 years old today, if are you going to throw this hat on the ground and say, “Alright, it is enough today”?

Secondly, when the US government enables me to retire!”