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Hugh Jackman says That He turned down Character in Cats, Will Not Celebration film because he has Not seen it

The Australian actor, in a meeting with the Daily Beast, affirmed that Hooper had phoned him to go over a part.

“There were a few alternatives there based on accessibility and time but that I simply was not available at the moment,” he explained. Cats proved to become among the greatest movie disasters lately, both commercially and critically. When asked whether it had been great in hindsight he turned Cats, Jackman did not comment.

“I am at the theatre, guy, and I do not wish to maintain the company of bashing individuals –or even jumping on bandwagons. I have not observed it, and Tom Hooper’s one of the excellent filmmakers we’ve,” he explained. The celebrity, who decided to finish his stint as Wolverine using the 2017 film Logan, stated he wouldn’t go back to the function but is fine with the thought being rebooted with a different celebrity.

“I understood it was the ideal time for me to leave the celebration –not only for me personally, but for the personality. Someone else will pick this up and run with this. It is too great of a personality to not. And you state, grounds great but…no. They are fine with somebody else.”