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Hundreds Arrested in Newest anti-government demos in Belarus

Resources such as human rights groups have advised Euronews at least 283 people were arrested by authorities as anti-government protests lasted across Belarus on Sunday.

Demonstrations have been going on for 16 consecutive weeks, bringing tens of thousands of individuals, calling for president Alexander Lukashenko to resign.

Security forces have routinely used stun grenades, tear gas, and mass arrests in efforts to discourage the protests.

There were near-daily protests since early August, but people on Sundays are the biggest, especially in the capital Minsk.

However, the resistance and a few poll workers say votes were manipulated and protesters are calling on the president to resign.

On Sunday demonstrators attempted to ditch detentions and dispersals by originally gathering in a variety of areas of the capital Minsk, however, they were met by police when they attempted to converge to the center.