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Hungary border closure Attracts criticism from Brussels

Hungary will shut its borders to non-residents from Tuesday to attempt to curb the rising amount of coronavirus instances, the authorities said on Friday.

The move comes as many European nations implement stricter COVID-19 steps.

The EU Commission revealed that its nuanced info on COVID-19 related limitations has been set up since July.

“There’s the need to substitute blanket restrictions to free movement by more targeted steps that are restricted in time or geographic extent, meaning, by way of instance, that you enforce limitations to visitors in particular regions only,” said Commission spokeswoman Vivian Looney.

The government defended its place saying that Hungary was a green zone while the rest of Europe had been reddish.

“Perhaps the border closed is only one more provocation of the EU. Perhaps Mr. Orban should think about if he would like to be a part of the EU. If you’re a member of a group, then you play by the rules,” Dutch MEP Sophie in’ t Veld informed Euronews.

Hungary was criticized for not advising travelers and EU partners before the move that comes into force midnight tonight.