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Hungary’s Budapest marathon Moves Forward despite coronavirus Anxieties

Coronavirus failed to block the 35th Spar Budapest Marathon occurring in Hungary at the weekend, but only a third of their normal 35,000 individuals took part.

But, 9,000 people decided to proceed with the race.

Runners and organizers needed to follow rigorous coronavirus guidelines to minimize the possibility of spreading the virus, even though participants weren’t needed to wear a mask when conducting.

“Everybody who had a beginning amount had their temperature taken,” explained the main race organizer, Árpád Kocsis.

“Also it may sound strange, however, the runners needed to put on a mask before the beginning and after the end. In the refreshment stations, everything was unpacked and shared so nobody else can touch it. Also, this is the first year once we will not hang the mythical medals around the back of their racers, we simply hand them .”

Organizers said the security measures appear to work because more than 200 sporting events have happened in Hungary under the very same conditions and not one of these was recognized to have spread the virus.

Among the actors participating in the race has been world-famous handball player László Nagy, however, he did not win.

That honor went to Gáspár Csere, that had been obviously elated and understandably a bit breathless for a moment or 2.

“I am so thankful I ran it under two hours and 20 minutes,” he advised Euronews. “That is is the ideal time in the Budapest Marathon since 2002.”

The London Marathon was held a week, however, the races at Athens, Paris, Berlin, and New York were canceled because of the pandemic