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Hybrid Automobiles Can pollute more than Formerly Believed, claims NGO

Hybrid cars might not be as clean and green as was previously believed.

That is according to a new report from the European climate NGO Transport and Environment, that has cast doubt on their CO2 emissions.

It discovered they may emit up to eight times more carbon dioxide than previously believed.

There are fears that this might be the followup to the diesel-gate automobile scandal.

Julia Poliscanova, Senior Director in Transport and Environment, stated: “Even when they’re driving what carmakers telephone zero-emission manner, they’re not.

Poliscanova stated they’re efficient if you push them gently.

“So essentially, a prime case in point is that you believe you are driving at a zero-emission electric manner, however, you put the heating on, or you set your lights, or you quicken, that is it!”

She added that authorities shouldn’t be subsidizing them.

The European Automobile Manufacturers Association has refuted the allegations in the report.

It stated: “We question the procedure for the study that investigations cars over long excursions just.”