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‘I concede nothing’: Trump States Biden’won’ election,’ vows to Battle on

President Donald Trump on Sunday seemed to admit for the first time that Joe Biden won the White House, but made clear he wouldn’t concede and would continue attempting to overturn the election outcome. Trump’s statements came from tweets that comprised several baseless claims concerning the Nov. 3 vote, which federal and state officials state was safe and protected.

Trump, without using Biden’s title, tweeted that”He won,” something Trump hadn’t said before openly, although he said the Democrat’s success was just”from the eyes” of their media.

However, Klain said, “Donald Trump’s Twitter feed does not make Joe Biden president, not president the American public did this.”

The president has refused to take the outcomes of the election and that he awakened on Sunday, stating, “I concede NOTHING! We’ve got quite a ways to go.” Even while acknowledging Biden’s success, he also contended without proof the former president won since the election was”rigged” Trump subsequently made unsubstantiated complaints regarding accessibility for poll watchers and roughly vote tabulations and claimed, “WE WILL WIN!” Twitter shortly posted warning labels regarding the tweets.

There hasn’t been any widespread fraud at the 2020 election. Election officials in the political parties have said openly that the election went nicely and global observers verified there were no severe irregularities.

Trump’s effort has attempted to mount legal challenges throughout the nation, but lots of the suits are thrown out, and not one has included some signs that the outcome may be reversed.

Over just a week after Election Day, Trump has called Biden nor produced a formal concession, and White House officials have insisted they are getting ready for another term.

Lately, Trump seemed to be inching closer to admitting the fact of his or her loss. In remarks Friday at the Rose Garden about a coronavirus vaccine,” Trump said his government would”not be visiting some lockdown” to slow down the spread of COVID-19, also added that”anything happens in the long run, who knows that government it’ll be?

Trump on Sunday renewed his groundless attacks on an election tech company, Dominion Voting Systems, with no signs of some serious irregularities. Dominion has stated it”prohibits claims any vote alleged or altering software problems using our voting systems”

The Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency, a federal agency which manages U.S. election safety, said in a statement that the”November 3rd election has been the most protected in American history” The bureau stated, “There is not any proof that any voting system lost or deleted votes, shifted votes, or has been in any way endangered.”

In his newest email, Trump told supporters that”we’re struggling to guarantee EVERY SINGLE LEGAL ballot is counted” which he had”legal teams on the floor in each crucial state.”