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Ice-T Teases ‘Law & Order: SVU’ Season 21 Episode Inspired on ‘Empire’ Drama

Directly off the front page! Ice-T opened exclusively to Us Weekly about that ripped-from-the-headlines narrative lines fans can anticipate during now 21 of Law & Order: SVU.

“I will provide you a few hints.”

He moved on to acknowledge that”Empire-ish play” could find its way to an upcoming episode.

Jussie Smollett incited controversy in January when he maintained two men assaulted him at a”possible hate crime” The celebrity, 37, afterward lost his function on the Fox play after authorities alleged he staged the episode, which he refused.

“We will be searching for new blood at the squadron as time passes, and I feel a good deal of modifications in the energetic. It is one thing when you work for lieutenant, today Captain Benson in the conclusion of the episode. It is another thing once you currently go to the DA’s office and you are responsible for her in certain ways.”

Executive manufacturer Julie Martin mentioned: “Everybody is reevaluating their tasks.”

Since Leight places it, “It has been a very long term for these, for that we’re very grateful. Sooner or later in the summer, every personality will probably get tested.”

About narrative lines inspired by real events, there’s also the issue of this incident centered on a Donald Trump-Esque politician, that was shelved in November 2016. “I would be quite surprised,” Leight said when asked when the hour will air.

Ice-T ensured Us the incident is”good” On the other hand, the literary piece became overly realistic, according to the rapper. “Life imitated art,” he said, adding: “On the information, it only started to occur and it simply got too near, and that I guess NBC was like,’ Whoa. ”’