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In pictures: Heavy rains during Japan cause floods also mudslides

At least 39 people were confirmed or presumed dead in southern Japan because of heavy flooding and mudslides.

Many buildings were underwater almost to their roofs at the huge areas across the Kuma River.

At least 65 inhabitants and 30 caregivers were trapped in among those older care homes following floodwaters and sand flushed in. Some 14 of these are thought to be dead, according to the rescuers other had been taken to hospitals by ships.

The inhabitants in Kumamoto prefecture were encouraged to depart the region as last Friday, but the evacuation wasn’t compulsory and most stayed home because of anxieties about coronavirus, according to AP.

Officials assured that the squirrels were outfitted with security measures to protect against the spread of COVID-19. The rain continued Monday, 6 June.