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‘In theory, yes,’ Stone Cold Steve Austin talks about Using one Final Game in WWE

Last updated on September 26, 2019

This has been the effects of this texas Rattlesnake’ the fans of WWE can’t overlook his exploits from the squared circle 16 years after his retirement. When there’s one celebrity the entire WWE world want to see make a comeback, then it must be Stone Cold Steve Austin. He’s been among the very few wrestlers to follow his word and remain retired from wrestling. But can he create a return to the WWE and also have one final match? It appears so.

This isn’t even the lovers, or some other press outlet admits, and it has come from the horse’s mouth. Lately on his podcast”The Steve Austin Show,”” Stone Cold discussed the chance of owning a farewell game in the WWE. That is where he affirmed that he’s feeling better at his nerves and may step within the ring.

“For the past few weeks down there in the RAW reunion in Tampadown there in the Madison Square Garden show at Monday Night RAW — people always ask me, ‘Hey guy, you are still in quite a great form. You have one more game left ?’ I say,’ You know, it is a challenging situation to consider.’

‘Physically, could I be able to have an additional match? Yes, most certainly, and that I could make it into this game without being hurt.

‘Though the risks are always there, simply because I feel every one the surgeries, I’d… where I had the spinal stenosis, and becoming that bone spur removed my spinal cord — I am at a fantastic location.

Even though Stone Cold has continued to look at the WWE for the previous 15 years in various capacities, his game came from 2003. He confronted The Rock at WrestleMania XIX also it had been last time that we watched Stone Cold possess a match in the WWE. Austin affirmed that neck injury forced him to stop wrestling and the physicians had told him that an embarrassing movement performed on him might have led to him being permanently disabled or perhaps death.

He’s become the go-to guy for Vince McMahon in case the business requires a spike in its evaluations.

If Stone Cold is interested in getting one final game in the WWE, then that must be his competitor? There’s a guy who’s using his mythical’Stunner’ from the WWE nowadays.