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India death toll from tainted alcohol Increases to 98

The death toll from folks drinking tainted alcohol at India’s northern state of Punjab climbed to 98 on Sunday, according to officials and local press reports.

Police detained 25 people, suspected of providing the alcohol into roadside restaurants in which it had been sold to travelers and villagers.

The police chief for Punjab nation, Dinkar Gupta, stated the initial five deaths were reported Wednesday night in 2 cities in the Amritsar district. Over the last few days, another 48 deaths have been reported Amritsar and other districts, Tarn Taran and Batala.

Six police officers and seven other officials are suspended for failure to stop the sale of tainted spirits for a magistrate started an investigation into the deaths in three districts.

A government statement said the deaths were because of”spurious” alcohol and a crackdown on illegal alcohol production in the country was arranged.

Deaths from brewed alcohol are common in India, in which the poor can’t afford licensed brands out of government-run stores. Bootleg liquor is economical and frequently compromised with methanol to improve its potency.

In 2019, at least 133 people died after ingesting tainted spirits in two different incidents in India’s northeast Assam state. The victims were largely tea plantation workers. That same year, the other 80 people died from tainted spirits in northern Uttar Pradesh state.