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Initial coronavirus positive Disease in Donald Trump’s White House

More nations in the united states have issued stay-at-home orders Friday locking down their inhabitants barring essential services employees and excursions to grocery and drug stores as the nation witnessed a spike in new illnesses and deaths.

President Donald Trump had tested last week for potential exposure to the virus following a part of a visiting delegation from Brazil he had hosted for supper tested positive for its coronavirus. Trump’s test was negative. However, Pence, who heads the White House task force about the coronavirus outbreak, hasn’t been analyzed yet.

President Trump’s management of the outbreak came under new scrutiny as The Washington Post reported he ignored repeated warnings from US intelligence agencies about rising threats to the nation since the epidemic spread to nations outside China, the epicenter, which his aides were not able to convince him of the intensity of this situation until lately.

At least 236 people have died and tens of thousands are infected up to now amidst concerns about the health system’s capability to handle the outbreak.

Illinois, Florida and Connecticut state united California and New York Friday with stay-at-home and comparable measures restricting movement of taxpayers, non-essential companies and employees.

“I don’t come to this conclusion easily,” Illinois governor J B Pritzker, a part of their family that based Hyatt group of resorts. Said in a press conference. “I fully understand that, sometimes, I’m picking between people’s lives and rescuing people’s livelihood. But finally, you can not have a livelihood in case you don’t own your own life.”