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Instagram announces new Safety Attributes for Third Party Providers

Last updated on October 16, 2019

Instagram on Tuesday announced a brand new feature that enables consumers to get control over the personal information that they share with third-party programs and it’s going to be rolling out slowly over the next six weeks.

The new attribute will soon be accessible on Instagram and users may browse by going to Settings > Safety > Programs and Websites to determine which third-party providers have access to their information. Here, users will have the ability to get rid of third-party providers linked to their Instagram account. Instagram states that when the third party account is eliminated it doesn’t longer get access to user information.

“It is vital that we protect the information people talk to us. Also, we wish to give individuals more control over the information that they share with other programs and services,” the firm said in an announcement.

Instagram is also rolling out an “upgraded authorization display” which will notify users if a third party program is asking to utilize info.

“To make sure you understand what particular data third parties are asking from you, we’re also introducing an upgraded consent display that lists all of the data the third party is asking to get.

An individual can confine someone by swiping on a remark, via the Privacy tab or directly onto the profile of these accounts you wish to limit.