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International COVID-19 death toll Moves 1 million Together with European Countries among worst hit

It’s been 202 times because the World Health Organisation (WHO) announced the COVID-19 epidemic for a pandemic.

The deadly virus has killed more than one million people worldwide using a total of 33,311,425 ailments registered from a massive number of countries, based on Worldometers which gathers data from a range of official sources.

European countries haven’t been spared from the coronavirus surges and so were considered that the pandemic’s epicenter.

“It is going to get harder. In October, November, we will see more mortality,” Hans Kluge, Director of WHO’s European division, stated on September 14.

Even though the death toll keeps climbing, Euronews has maintained a test on which nations have experienced the most casualties throughout the world up to now.

The United-States has verified the deaths with 209,453 deaths since the start of the pandemic, followed by Brazil (141,776) and India (95,574).

Four European countries are one of the top ten of all worst-hit nations: the United Kingdom, Italy, France, and Spain.

In terms of the deaths per 100,000 inhabitants, Belgium, Andorra, and Spain rank on the very top of worst-affected nations in Europe with 88.2, 73.9, and 67.3 respectively.