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Internet Summit 2019:’Boost digital literacy’ to protect your Information, States Brittany Kaiser

Improving digital literacy is critical to protecting your internet data from being manipulated, whistleblower Brittany Kaiser advised the Internet Summit in Lisbon.

It claimed British company Cambridge Analytica harvested info from countless Facebook users through a”character” questionnaire. This information was utilized to impact Donald Trump’s 2016 election campaign and the effort of Leave.EU, which was critical in hastening the Brexit referendum.

“Among the largest issues with information targeting is that we don’t have digital literacy, many of us don’t know the forms of technology that we must utilize to protect ourselves,” said Kaiser.

“I am sorry to inform you however in case you had a Facebook profile before April 2015, you can not get back your privacy, that info has already been purchased and sold and sold around the Earth, and there is no way from the countless databases which it is likely on.”

Kaiser said she started using information in political communication in 2007 while operating for Barack Obama’s effort. Nevertheless, it wasn’t until she started in Cambridge Analytica that saw yet another way this information could be utilized.

“I obtained a demonstration in my coworkers who worked about the Trump effort and I saw how data was utilized to target individuals,” she explained.

“And many people across the globe somehow did not find a good deal of this coming since they did not realize their information made the targeted ads on their newsfeed completely different from the individual sitting next to them”

The European Union introduced the General Data Protection Legislation (GDPR), that was developed to give taxpayers more control over their information.

“The challenge is not data security, the challenge is information collection,” he explained. “Regulating the security of information supposes that the set of data from the first place was appropriate, was proper, it does not signify a hazard or a threat, that it is okay to spy on everybody all the time if they’re your clients or your