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Iran Foreign Minister Informs Saudis that’Safety Can’t Be bought’

Last updated on September 30, 2019

Iran’s foreign ministry has urged arch-rival, Saudi Arabia, to take that”safety can’t be purchased,” stating a stop to the war in Yemen would exacerbate regional tensions.

“They believe that in the same manner they have so far purchased everything with cash and have been able to purchase firearms, support, and friendship, they could purchase security with cash too,” he said, advocating Riyadh to”put aside this illusion.”

Saudi Arabia and Iran are secured at a decades-long battle for regional dominance and rear opposing sides in a bitter war which has pushed Yemen into the verge of famine.

Those worries have skyrocketed in recent years, especially since a catastrophic assault on Saudi oil installations before this month.

Iran has denied responsibility and the Huthi rebels it backs in Yemen stated that they had been behind the assault, which pumped out half of their OPEC kingpin’s petroleum production.

However, Riyadh’s ally Washington and European forces have blamed the cruise and drone missile attack on Tehran.

Saudi Arabia intervened in Yemen’s warfare in 2015 to prop up the authorities following the Huthi insurgents ousted it against the capital Sanaa the preceding calendar year.

Iran insists it arms the Huthis but has always slammed Riyadh’s participation.

Zarif told IRNA the Riyadh was stirring anxieties to be able to”open (just how ) for thieves to join the area.”

The US has many major military bases in the Gulf and has threatened strikes in retaliation for attacks it’s blamed the Islamic republic.

Zarif said the answer” is obvious, and that’s an end to the Yemen war.”

“Tension in the area will finish, and it’ll prevent Saudi Arabia’s prestige being further ruined,” he explained.

The fighting has displaced millions and more than two-thirds of the populace in need of aid.