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Iran Instagram Celebrity Called plastic surgery Detained for blasphemy

Iran has detained an Instagram performer famous for radically shifting her appearance through cosmetic surgery, Tasnim news agency has reported.

The social networking superstar called Sahar Tabar was arrested on the orders of Tehran’s guidance courtroom, which deals with”cultural offenses and social and ethical corruption”, Tasnim said late Saturday.

She faces charges such as blasphemy, inciting violence, and gaining income through improper means and encouraging youths to corruption, the news agency added.

Tabar shot on Instagram a year ago after submitting a succession of pictures of her face shifted via plastic surgery.

The majority of the videos and photos shared with her 26,800 followers also have been edited so she resembles Hollywood star, Angelina Jolie.

The account features pictures of her having a gaunt face, pouting lips and a harshly turned-up nose.

In certain, she could be seen wearing a loosely fitting hijab on her hair and a white bandage on her nose usually found on Tehran’s streets.

Instagram is the only major social networking service available in Iran unlike Facebook and Twitter and the Telegram messenger support is formally prohibited.