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Iran says It’s Going to Ruin any aggressor

Iran will pursue some aggressor. Also, it takes a limited assault, and want to destroy it, the mind of this elite Revolutionary Guards said on Saturday, following attacks on petroleum websites which Riyadh and U.S officials blamed Tehran.

“Be cautious; restricted aggression won’t stay restricted. “We’re after punishment, and we’ll continue until the complete devastation of any aggressor.”

Iran denies participation in the attack, which was maintained by Yemen’s Houthi motion, a group tasked with Iran and fighting with a Saudi-led alliance in Yemen’s civil war.

“Congress will perform our job to maintain the Constitution protect our national safety and safeguard the American men and women.”

Hajizadeh was talking at a public exposition called”Hunting Vultures,” in which stays of drones that were downed in Iran or crashed that there were exhibited, in addition to the Iranian air defense system that taken down a U.S. military drone in June.

The exposition is part of yearly events commemorating the beginning of the 1980-88 war with Iraq, which also has naval and air screens in the Gulf and military parades on Sunday.

Iran’s foreign minister denounced renewed U.S. sanctions against its major bank after the Saudi attacks as an effort to deny regular Iranians access to drugs and food and said that the move was an indication of U.S. desperation.

The United States on Friday imposed more sanctions, targeting the Central Bank of Iran, that was under U.S. sanctions, the National Development Fund of Iran – the nation’s autonomous wealth finance – and an undercover company that U.S. officials state are used to hide financial transfers for Iranian army buys.

“That is an indication of U.S. desperation… If they sanction the same association, this implies their effort at bringing the European country to its knees beneath’maximum pressure’ has neglected,” Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif told reporters in comments shown on state television.

“But this can be dangerous and improper as an effort at blocking… the Iranian public’s access to food and medication,” Zarif said, talking after arriving in New York for its yearly U.N. General Assembly weekly.

Separately,” Foreign Ministry spokesman Abbas Mousavi refused what he called”unreal and repetitious offenses by particular Saudi officials” regarding the strikes, state media said.

A senior Saudi official said before that Riyadh would await the consequences of a stunt before reacting to the attacks on its oil facilities, for that it considers Iran accounts.


Zarif said he’d on Wednesday meet foreign ministers of their rest of the signatories to the 2015 atomic accord, which had been agreed with Britain, France, Germany, China, and Russia in addition to the United States.

“As we’ve mentioned earlier, the United States can simply wait if it contributes to the (atomic accord)… and finishes its economic warfare against Iran,” Zarif said.

The USA withdrew from the accord this past year and also re-imposed unilateral sanctions on Iran.

After reports on societal websites of a cyber-attack on several petrochemical and other businesses in Iran, a national body responsible for cyber safety denied there was a”successful” attack.

“According to our observations… there hasn’t been a prosperous cyber-attack on petroleum facilities and other vital infrastructure,” stated an official announcement carried by IRNA.

NetBlocks, an organization which tracks net connectivity, sooner reported”intermittent disruptions” to services in Iran beginning on Friday evening.

The team said the effect was limited, affecting only particular suppliers, and the reason was uncertain. “Data are consistent with a cyber-attack or unplanned technical episode on influenced networks instead of some purposeful withdrawal or shutdown episode,” it said in a tweet.

NetBlocks Director Alp Toker said that they watched four Iranian networks falling off more than 3 hours on Friday evening. This started when the first reports surfaced and stopped soon afterward. The systems are steady since.