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Iran says US Drive to Expand Tehran’s arms embargo is’illegitimate’

“Iran isn’t attempting to depart the 2015 atomic deal with six forces… America’s relocation is untrue and our response will be proportionate,” Abbas Mousavi stated in a weekly news conference.

The United States said on Thursday that it was”optimistic” that the U.N. Security Council will expand the arms embargo on Iran until it expires in October.

President Donald Trump’s government was taking a harder line with the United Nations within its desire to expand and strengthen the embargo on Iran.

Washington has threatened to trigger a recurrence of U.N. sanctions on Iran as leverage to get financing in the 15-member Security Council on expanding the U.N. arms embargo on Tehran.

“The United States isn’t a member of this nuclear bargain anymore… Iran’s response to America’s illegal steps will be a company,” Mousavi stated.

Trump withdrew the USA in the Iran nuclear bargain in 2018 and reimposed sanctions on Tehran who have resisted its market.

Iran, which denies its nuclear program is geared toward constructing a bomb, has slowly rolled back its responsibilities under the accord because the USA quit. It asserts that Washington’s actions warrant such a program.