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Iraq protests: Five killed as security forces Take anti-government demonstrators

Five Iraqis died in revived anti-government protests in Baghdad on Saturday, bringing the total killed in the current national violence to 81.

Saturday’s protests came following the lifting of a two-day around-the-clock curfew.

Security forces responded with live ammunition and tear gas amid extreme popular rage, triggered by insufficient jobs, and endemic corruption from the oil-rich nation.

Iraq’s High Commission for Human Rights set the death toll much higher, at 94.

The present unrest is the most peculiar Iraq has witnessed as the announced defeat of Islamic State in 2017, and it’s shaken Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi’s year-old authorities.

In the southern town of Nassiriya, in which at least 18 people were murdered throughout the week, police fired live rounds in demonstrators, and protesters torched the headquarters of numerous political parties in town, authorities said. These contained the base of this strong Dawa party that dominated Iraq’s authorities from 2003 until 2018 elections.

Violence also broke out in Diwaniya, yet another town south of Baghdad, authorities said.