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Irish justice minister Suggests new Legislation to Handle’revenge Pornography’

Ireland’s justice ministry says she’s decided to introduce new legislation to avoid the non-consensual sharing of romantic pictures online.

Helen McEntee stated she shared with the anger of Irish taxpayers on the matter and vowed that new measures could be brought into force” when possible”.

The Irish government is facing stress following a victims’ support team revealed that countless thousands of romantic pictures of girls were published online without their approval.

On Tuesday, the Victims Alliance explained that 140,000 intimate and sensual pictures, such as many of Irish ladies, have been shared and leaked online.

The non-consensual sharing of romantic pictures, called revenge pornography, isn’t a criminal violation in Ireland.

A few of the files utilized from the Victims Alliance were reported to add pictures of heterosexual women, which is prohibited.

In May 2019, the Irish authorities declared proposed laws aimed at handling revenge porn beneath all kinds of communicating, but it doesn’t come in to force.

Adhering to the Victims Alliance report, tens of thousands of people signed up a request calling for image-based sexual abuse to become criminalized in Ireland.

The request was initially made four weeks but now has over 54,000 signatures.

“Girls in Ireland live in constant fear of getting their private pictures published without permission and even being listed kindly,” the petition states.

The chief of Sinn Féin, Mary Lou McDonald, informed the Dáil (Irish Parliament) the pictures were a”deep violation of girls and women’s rights” and the report demonstrated that the”inadequacy” of Irish legislation to protect victims from abuse.

“Image-based sexual abuse has to be recognized as the offense it so clearly is.”

On Friday, Justice Minister Helen McEntee said on Twitter which”anybody who shares these sorts of pictures will confront serious criminal sanctions”.

“This isn’t only about revenge pornography – sharing these pictures will turn into a criminal offense, irrespective of the motivation of the man who moves them,” said McEntee.

“It’ll also be irrelevant if permission is provided for a romantic picture to be obtained – that I will ensure they can’t ever be shared, even when approval was granted for the picture to be obtained.”

The Justice Minister said that the bill will probably come before Dáil next month.