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Irish town terminates twinning agreement with Poland over ‘LGBT-free’ zones

An Irish city is now the most up-to-date in Europe to suspend twinning ties with Poland within the nation’s”LGBT-free zones”.

The twinning committee at the town of Fermoy, County Cork, has supported the decision to formally terminate its connections into Nowa Dęba in south-west Poland.

The move has been welcomed by the Cork East division of the Social Democrats party, that announced social networking.

“In Ireland, we’ve seen real improvement on social problems lately including marriage equality,” explained Saoirse Mackin, chair of Social Democrats’ Cork East faction.

“Therefore, as a society, we’re permitted to have a firm stance against the discrimination and erasure of their LGBT+ community”

Ian O’Ceallaigh, co-vice seat, included that Fermoy’s twinning using Nowa Dęba is”clearly untenable” and said the celebration was”happy” the Fermoy’s twinning committee had resumed the arrangement between the two municipalities.

Fermoy had originally pushed to suspend ties with Poland in March, following 14 decades of being twinned, but the decision has been postponed for many months.

However, in a letter to Fermoy Town Council, found by Euronews, the mayor of Nowa Dęba defended his community and also blamed that the statement from the LGBT community in nearby town councilors.

“For my fourth term as mayor, I’ve never experienced discrimination against anybody based on sexual orientation or other features,” composed Wiesław Ordon on Tuesday.

“Additionally in our commune, there’s not been any discrimination on the grounds of belonging to an LGBT group”.

The mayor also expressed hope that several links would be preserved with the Irish city.

“I’m convinced that my mindset won’t break my connections with the town of Fermoy, which for several years now contacts with individuals rather than institutions,” explained Ordon.

“This was our common target [from the beginning ]”.

Nowa Dęba additionally holds ties with Ville de Ploemeur in northwest France and Euronews has contacted local French officers to get a reply to this conclusion in Fermoy.

The custom of twinning cities was conceived following World War II to cultivate connections between regions that had fought on opposite sides.

In February, the French community of Saint-Jean-de-Braye also stopped official connections with the Polish city of Tuchów within its approach to LGBT rights.

The mayor of Tuchów deplored the conclusion, indicating that the movement was a part of a regional election campaign in France and many in her area failed to encourage anti-LGBT declarations.

In July, the city council of Nieuwegein from the Netherlands voted nearly unanimously to finish its friendship by Puławy.

Poland is among only six European nations not to legalize same-sex union.

Conservative politicians state the declarations protected kids and conventional Polish families from a growing gay rights movement.

However, in July, the European Union refused grants under a twinning program to six cities due to their approach to the LGBT community.

“EU values and basic rights must be respected by both member nations and public government,” tweeted EU Equality Commissioner, Helena Dalli.

Poland reacted to the EU’s decision by declaring that the country would rather fund”LGBT free” towns.

Meanwhile, the Polish activists are nominated for the EU’s Sakharov Prize for monitoring the development of”LGBT-free zones” from the nation.