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Iron Man-Thor to Return in Thor: Love and Thunder? Taika Waititi’escapes’ portion of script in Instagram Live

Taika Waititi sure knows how to play with games and with his lovers’ emotions. On Saturday he also pulled a practical joke on his supporters who were eagerly awaiting find a scoop on his forthcoming movie, Thor: Love and Thunder.

Within an Instagram Live, Taika gave fans a glimpse into the script of the Movie. To each person’s shock, it revealed a dialog between Tony Stark (Iron Man) and Thor. Fans couldn’t believe their eyes, wondering if Robert Downey Jr’s Tony Stark will return from the deceased for Chris Hemsworth’s Thor.

Needless to say, on more attentive perusal, the scene was proven to be completely bogus. Here’ s what the dialogue between the two characters had been:

Thor: You are back!

Tony: At the sack, baby!

I watched you die.

Additionally, Thanos is back.

So… we are assembling again?

Tony: Again, again. It’s GO TIME. Everybody who expired is coming back again. And now we are avenging more than ever before. From now on we will be called… The Avengers.

Aika did tease a couple of particulars about his film using Tessa Thompson and Mark Ruffalo at another Thor: Ragnarok watch the celebration. “It is like 10-year-olds told me exactly what ought to be in a film and we said yes to each and everything,” Waititi stated of this assumption to Love and Thunder. He added that there are approximately five drafts of this movie’s script Thompson, his first guest, has read the newest.

Waititi chose the Thor franchise to new comedic heights as he introduced difficult drinking Valkyrie (Thompson) and exiled Avenger, Hulk (Ruffalo). The much-expected Love and Thunder will catch up with Thor and Valkyrie following the events of Avengers: Endgame, and bring back Natalie Portman because of the Effective feminine Thor and Christian Bale as the protagonist. It’s slated to launch on February 18, 2022.