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Islamic State’s Newest leader Predicts Trump’Loony old Guy’, asks US to Cease rejoicing

“We mourn you… commander of the faithful,” explained Abu Hamza al-Quraishi — introduced as the jihadist team’s new spokesman — within a sound announcement.

The team also supported the killing in a different raid the subsequent day of the team’s preceding spokesman Abu Hassan al-Muhajir.

The announcement said the jihadist group’s legislative and consultative body convened following the 48-year-old Iraqi-born jihadist principal’s departure.

“The Islamic State Shura council convened immediately after affirming the martyrdom of Sheikh Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, along with the priests of these sacred warriors agreed” to a replacement,” stated the seven-minute message.

Little is understood about Hashimi, whose name was rarely mentioned as a potential successor on the multiple occasions that Baghdadi was killed in the past several decades.

“We do not know much about him except that he’s the major estimate of IS and that he heads the Sharia (Islamic law) committee,” said Hisham al-Hashemi, an Iraqi specialist on IS.

-‘Crazy old guy’ –

“He died after running into a tube that was disgusting, whimpering and crying and crying all of the way,” Trump said on Sunday, including Baghdadi” died like a puppy”.

From the brand new sound message, the newest IS spokesman explained Trump as”a crazy old guy” and warned the US the band’s fans would avenge Baghdadi’s departure.

“Don’t rejoice America,” he cautioned, “the brand new selected one will force you to forget the terror you’ve got beholden… and also make the accomplishments of this Baghdadi days flavor sweet”.

The spokesman also called a previous forecast by Baghdadi for its tens of thousands of IS fighters held in Syrian and Iraqi prisons to be freed.

Syrian Kurdish forces conduct prisons in northeastern Syria in which they state around 12,000 IS suspects are held.

The majority of the culprits are Syrian and Iraqi however, the detainees also comprise over 2,000 thieves who hail from over 50 distinct nations.

With airborne and logistical help from a global coalition headed by the united states, Syrian and Iraqi forces have wrested back all of the land lost to IS in 2014.

Fighters in the newly-formed IS team that year sailed through much of the Sunni heartland from Iraq and Syria to announce a”caliphate” that additional enlarged to reach approximately the size of Great Britain.

Years of conflicts caused the elimination in 2019 of IS’ self-declared territorial” caliphate”, finishing an unprecedented experimentation in jihadist statehood that saw a well-organized government mint its own money, create school textbooks and impose taxation.

But while that thing collapsed in March from the distant eastern Allied village of Baghouz, the organization went underground and sentenced to well-honed guerrilla strategies that continue to perform harm.

Observers have warned that the power vacuum and confusion can make an opportunity for IS to reconstruct and create new territorial profits.

IS has an extremely horizontal arrangement, analysts say, and also the effects of a decapitation attack might be more emblematic than functional, leaving the team’s international jihadist brand and efficacy as an insurgency mostly intact.