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Israel protests roar at while pressure mounts at Netanyahu

Thousands of Israelis protested in Jerusalem on Saturday since summer-long demonstrations against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Asserted their momentum.

Almost 15,000 took to the roads in Jerusalem with placards stating”The time is up”, while smaller protests occurred throughout the nation. The protesters want the embattled Netanyahu to give up his post while he’s on trial for corruption charges.

He’s rejected calls to resign and maintained the protests would be the job of leftists and the press.

The government’s accidents in tackling the coronavirus outbreak following comparative early victory also have resisted the demonstrations.

Israel seemed to contain the pandemic at its first stage, but the rapid reopening of the market Resulted in a spike in cases with over 100,000 Israelis testing positive for the virus

Many protesters asserting Netanyahu is much more focused on his forthcoming trial. This past year, he had been charged with bribery, fraud, and breach of confidence in three long-running corruption investigations.

The prime minister denies any wrongdoing.