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Israel set to Start world’s first underground Peninsula

Last updated on August 29, 2019

As a more crowded nation, Israel has produced an advanced solution for burying its dead.

Far under Jerusalem’s most important Peninsula of Har Hamenuchot, that overlooks hillsides over the highway leading into Jerusalem from Tel Aviv, a brand new underground burial site has been assembled.

The Peninsula covering the hills over is nearly at capacity, with almost a quarter of a thousand graves.

Employees are finishing three decades of labor on the vast underground necropolis, which will eventually include 23,000 fresh graves along almost a mile (1.6 kilometers ) of tunnels, in a price of $50 million.

The organization is burrowing to the mountain calls that the underground Peninsula as the very first of its type in today’s world, and a version that resurrects ancient Jewish burial practices.

Hananya Shahor, executive manager of Hevra Kadisha, the firm accountable for coordinating bodies of Jews for burial in accordance with convention, explained: “The spirit is quite sacred, is extremely sacred, and therefore we believe that after a very long life we must maintain the human anatomy, and biology can do anything it does to the human body, however we do not hinder.

“Cremation signifies the body isn’t worth anything, and that is not the situation, the human body [has] value based on Jewish heritage.”