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Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu praises Joe Biden, thanks to Donald Trump

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been the most recent world leader to congratulate Joe Biden on his triumph at the U.S. election, in addition to devoting Donald Trump for the previous four decades.

Netanyahu has, perhaps, been Trump’s closest international ally, particularly after the US president controversially approved the shifting of the US consulate from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, angering the Palestinians, that believe that the town the capital of any future Palestinian state.

Trump’s strategy for finishing the decades-long battle between the Israelis and the Palestinians – known as one the Abraham Accords’ also greatly favored Israel, however, won the backing of several Arab nations such as Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates. The Palestinians weren’t engaged in the drawing of this bargain and refused it was introduced.

In the end, in March 2020 Trump gave his funds into Israeli settlements in the occupied West Bank, which are regarded as illegal under international law.

Whether a Biden White House finishes or amends some of those steps, it remains to be seen.

While the Trump program – that was constantly rejected by the Palestinians – may be quietly shelved, the embassy will probably stay in Jerusalem. Biden could tone down the rhetoric settlements, however, the simple fact that Trump recognized them was and is a landmark for the Israeli right, also for Netanyahu.

Israel watchers noted Sunday that while Netanyahu thanked Trump, it was nowhere near as effusive as he welcomed Trump from 2016 – his Twitter’banner photograph’ also stays an image of the Israeli prime minister together with all the former US president.