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‘It Is impossible to Stay silent’: Tech CEOs in Belarus Require new elections

More than 500 members of Belarus’ thriving tech sector have weighed in about the shaky position in the nation in an open letter calling for fresh elections.

Authorities reacted to protests that broke out in the aftermath of Sunday’s contested election, which ignited an outcry within the re-election of President Alexander Lukashenko.

The letter says that”calm protests are dispersed with improper use of force” and”ordinary men and women are arrested for no reason, beaten and detained.”

Though the IT chiefs don’t claim to be”specialists in politics” they state” we’re specialists in the technology industry”.

“It’s currently not possible to stay quiet,” Michael Dubakov, creator of startup Fibery, informed Euronews.

“It is impossible to operate like this”
Dubakov stated he took out his dog for a stroll around the outskirts of Minsk on Wednesday evening and has been made to run away by police who had been utilizing flash-bang grenades. “It is not possible to operate like this,” he explained.

With this startup boss, the most significant message in the correspondence is that the requirement for elections or he states he’d endorse a recount of the ballots from Sunday.

“Lukashenko won 80% of the vote but are those folks? If 80 percent of people voted for him, why not view them in the streets encouraging him today?” He explained.

Dubakov also emphasized the fact that Belarus had restricted access to the web for many days. “For IT businesses it is not possible to do business and it is awful for the market,” he added.

He believes if the problem in the country continues to deteriorate, Belarus will see that a brain drains from the IT industry, with firms forced to hire or send employees out its boundaries.

The letter claims that technology companies can’t function in the states which are forming from the nation, including that”startups aren’t born in an atmosphere of violence and fear”.

Elena Sokolova, the creator of the Web of Things, stated: “This was a desperate letter”

“We know it won’t impact anything. It is a shout out loudly,” she explained. “You simply don’t understand what to do. You can not sit, you need to do something”

Sokolova said she’s involved in an initiative to raise funds for police officers so that they may steer away from their tasks at public office and function for the private industry.

“With this letter, we would like to get through to somebody, because (it’s futile ) to move up from a riot squad using firearms which don’t constantly fire rubber bullets in case you have nothing on your hands,” she added.

Regardless of the letter’s powerful words, Dubakov is grateful for the way he states his business was treated with the present government.

“To the last ten decades, to tell the truth, the government has been very supportive and I am thankful for this,” he explained.

Klysinski sees the IT industry as”a victory, but driven by reduced taxes.”

Individuals on the Hi-Tech Park can be obtained an exemption from corporate income taxation, property tax, and VAT, among other items.

Dubakov believes the following two months will be crucial in how things will turn out because of his business — he expects Belarus’ leaders will hear the technician chiefs’ remarks and start a dialog with the individuals, in addition to composing a new constitution and holding fresh elections.

“If not we’ll lose years of advancement,” he states.

Nothing will keep me here whatsoever,” she explained.