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IT services giant Cognizant Assaulted by’Maze’ ransomware

The firm, which has about 300,000 workers, said it had been struck from the”Maze” ransomware team and is participating law enforcement police.

The anonymous hackers supporting Maze have made headlines lately for openly holding its victims hostage by threatening to flow business information if the goal doesn’t cover its ransom.

“Cognizant can affirm that a security incident between our internal methods, also causing service disruptions for a number of our customers, is the result of a Maze ransomware assault,” the firm said in an announcement. “Our inner safety groups, supplemented by top cyber defense companies, are taking measures to include this event.”

Hackers connected to Maze have denied involvement in the assault on Cognizant, based on the computer security site BleepingComputer. That doesn’t imply, but that Maze is not responsible for the assault, based on Brett Callow, a hazard analyst in Emisoft.

“The team could only be A/B testing option negotiating approaches to find out whether enabling organizations to control the discharge of data, at least through the first phases, contributes to better results,” Callow said in an email. “At this stage in time, groups are probably not finding it simple to extort money from businesses since many are fiscally distressed on account of this COVID-19 pandemic.”

The alleged goals of Maze have contained the town of Pensacola in Florida, cybersecurity insurer Chubb Ltd. and Canadian building firm Bird Construction Inc., according to several media reports. The Maze team has promised to place files from all 3 firms on its site.

Cognizant stocks have declined 13 percent annually, compared with the 11% fall from the S&P 500 Index.