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Italian Authorities Encode Java beans Full of cocaine

Authorities in Italy have intercepted a package containing countless java beans that were concealing illegal drugs within them.

Around 500 beans were cut open, filled with cocaine, and carefully recorded closed with darkish brown tape.

While the technique of transport seems to have been carefully thought out, the title on the bundle might have contributed the smugglers away.

Authorities said feelings were initially increased when they saw that the title”Santino D’Antonio” about the packets — a mafia leader from the American action movie John Wick.

Police intercepted the beans once they were shipped out of Medellin in Colombia into Milan’s Malpensa airport.

The 2kg bundle comprised 150g of cocaine powder.

It had been addressed to a tobacco store in Florence — authorities followed the bundle because it was arrested and delivered a 50-year-old guy that came to gather it.

Italian authorities named their performance”Caffe’ Scorretto” — Improper Coffee — a play on the title of a beverage in the nation known as'”Caffe’ corretto” — adjusted java – that is an espresso with a dash of sambuca.