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Italian Authorities Research Google over Advertisements market abuse

Italian authorities have started an investigation of Google for alleged abuse of its dominant status in the nation’s internet advertisement marketplace.

The Italian Competition Authority stated it suspects the US technology giant of using its enormous quantities of collected information to stop competition operators from competing effectively.

The investigation follows a complaint filed by an Italian electronic marketing lobby group this past year and increases the worldwide examination facing the Silicon Valley business.

Google has been contested for”adversely impacting consumers”, as found by an announcement from the Authority’ Garante Della Concorrenza e del Mercato (AGCM).

Researchers are focusing on the accessibility and use of data to display advertisements, the distance which publishers and site owners make accessible to market advertising content.

The Italian Competition Authority is probing whether Google, commanded by Alphabet Inc, could have offended Article 102 of the Treaty on the Performance of the European Union.

The technology giant is alleged to have used monitoring elements that enabled its advertising broker services” to attain a targeting capacity that some equally efficient competitors cannot replicate,” the authority said.

The watchdog said that it completed a joint review of Google’s offices together with Italian tax authorities on Tuesday.

The watchdog says that online marketing sales are the next most significant source of earnings from the networking industry.

Reduced competition in the marketplace could starve news websites and publishers of sources, leading to lower quality internet content and discouraging creation, the ability has stated.

Euronews has contacted Google to get a statement on the analysis.

The news comes a week following the U.S. Justice Department also filed an antitrust lawsuit against Google, alleging the firm had stifled in research advertisements.