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Italian Health Ministry debunks alcohol for a Means to’Improve immune system’

The Health Ministry has debunked alcohol for a system to’enhance the immune system’.

“Alcohol consumption doesn’t protect against COVID-19 and doesn’t stop one becoming infected with the new coronavirus,” they said in a statement.

“On the contrary, the chance of disease is higher because alcohol disrupts the immune system and so lessens the body’s capacity to deal with infectious diseases,” they stated.

The ministry combined the encrypted messaging system Telegram on March 31 and has since obtained more than half a million readers, where they’ve been providing updates in addition to publishing the newest debunks to myths outlined over the nation.

The ministry has also debunked other myths that this week, where they’ve discouraged against using hairdryers as a means to get rid of the virus.

“Breathing hot air in the hairdryer doesn’t protect you from getting the disease. The hairdryer air can’t reach the high temperatures where the virus expires.

The Italian Health Ministry is one of a host of different ministries who’ve united Telegram because the pandemic started, together with all the Ukrainian Health Ministry garnering over 870,000 followers because of March 6.

Combatting misinformation within closed messaging talks has been a struggle for health authorities and fact-checkers alike.

WhatsApp introduced a limitation on forwarding messages before this month in an attempt to slow the spread of viral messages, together with the expectation of enabling facts to catch up with misinformation.