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Italian mayor uses drone to Yell at Natives to Remain Inside amid coronavirus crisis

“I can not wait to test all of the villages on the displays,” says Messina’s mayor, as a fleet of drones is readied to assist him to apply the lockdown set up in Italy to attempt to stem the growth in coronavirus diseases.

Italy continues to be ravaged by COVID-19, and is now the world’s worst-affected nation with over 74,000 instances and 7,500 deaths formally listed.

Police are trying to maintain taxpayers locked to prevent additional spread of this illness, with some resorting to expletive-ridden tirades on social networking.

And using drones being accepted in the nation for surveillance functions, 1 mayor is taking things a step farther.

At a Facebook video article, Catano De Luca exhibited his next movement in the struggle against lockdown dodgers – a crying record of his voice being performed to individuals seen out to the roads by drones.

“Drones anyplace,” he exclaims from the movie published on Tuesday this past week. “Together with my voice crying’ where the f**k are you moving?

Italians are divided over using drones – on the 1 hand some people’ve long advocated greater utilization, whereas there are people who believe them just one additional tool to restrain citizens and violate their privacy.